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"Today I'll Think
 About The Rain"
Songs by
Ruby Allmond

an Anthology
Ruby’s Artistry is a Legacy
The Ruby Allmond Music Collection is now a part of the Special Collections of Texas A&M University - Commerce. Currently we are administering Ruby’s beautiful portfolio of music in a desire that Ruby will not be forgotten and that her songs will always be known as "Ruby Allmond’s songs".
Before she became critically ill, Ruby assembled 41 of her songs into an Anthology---a book of the lyrics and two CDs of her singing and playing those songs. She titled it "Today I’ll Think About The Rain" It is a very elegant treasure… something to keep, enjoy, and cherish. Her music is not like anything to which you probably have been listening; it is a genre of its own…classy, yet simple and so enjoyable! Someone has described her music as "Texas Classic".

Ruby’s words that she spoke and wrote were deceivingly simple…about people’s everyday lives and said like no one has ever said them before. They are said in such simplicity that one almost overlooks their depth and profundity... their greatness. Every song that she wrote has either a story in it or the idea of a story. She used the impressions of nature to express feelings or to build the picture. One word that she used in many of her songs is "gentle". Another feature that she used was inner-rhyming. Also, her singing is made beautiful by what she called "phrasing". These things really portray Ruby, herself. She attracted the respect and admiration of people of all ages.

Can you imagine a little 4-year old girl sitting on her father’s knee playing on the strings of a guitar while her father held the big back part of the guitar? That shows the determination that she had to play pretty sounds. Some people believe that Ruby was the best guitar player that they ever heard. And some believe that she was the best fiddle player that they ever heard. One man in her audience in Stephenville, TX, said, “I hope you live forever”.



. .


Ruby Allmond

Ruby was a fountain of talent…a bubbling fountain of talent. She was a notable person in her area of the world. With her fiddle, her humor and great personality she won many, many friends.
Yes, an easy and comfortable personality yet stimulative and inspiring and so much fun!, a sparkling humor, intelligence, a musical artist, a lyrical artist, a fascinating entertainer. When visiting with her you had to listen fast or you would miss the gems that were blended in her conversation. Ruby’s words were never lightly given. They were always thoughtful, purposeful and full of wisdom…to be helpful and encouraging…to lighten the problems.

Ruby was born in 1923. She grew up on a blackland cotton and corn farm during the depression years and the World War II era. She began her interest in music early…her first stage appearance was at the age of four. Music was a chief source of entertainment for all of her family, so having access to a guitar and fiddle gave her opportunity to explore her love for harmony in tones. She studied people and learned early an appreciation of words. In high school she was the winner of several Interscholastic Essay contests.

Ruby’s Musical Career
After high school Ruby worked hard to challenge the concept that a girl couldn’t play a fiddle. In those days, women were barred from fiddling contests that were thought to be only for men. But in 1947 at the Greenville, Texas, Municipal Auditorium Ruby was awarded the title of "National Champion Lady Fiddler". She was playing shows all around north and east Texas as trio fiddle with two of America’s best fiddlers…Georgia Slim Rutland and Howdy Forrester. At that time the band consisted of her two brothers, Roy and Raymond Allmond on guitars and Harold Carder , from Gober, Texas, playing bass; Ruby on the front. Then she formed a band of her own called "Texas Jamboree" consisting of Guy Bryant, Joyce Bryant, Gene Bryant and Clay Harvey. It was noted as a "top notch fiddle band". The Honorable Mr. Sam Rayburn, Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives, took her band on his campaign tours to entertain the crowds.
During all of Ruby’s life she always had a song in her heart and she wrote many songs. She was acquainted with the Great Texas songwriter, Cindy Walker. Cindy liked Ruby’s songs and sent her to the publisher at RCA in Nashville to be introduced to Chet Atkins.
Chet took her songs and made several outstanding recordings of them. "Reno", sung by Dottie West and produced by Chet, became a top-ten national hit song. He told Ruby that she was a "great songwriter".


~ The Ruby Allmond ~
Songwriting Contest

In Honor of the Notable
 North Texan Fiddler and Songwriter

 Ruby Allmond

August 2, 2014
Bailey Inglish School Auditorium
 201 E 10th Street, Bonham, Texas

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